About Us

Hinchliffe Farming Ltd is run by Simon Hinchliffe, an entrepreneurial farmer who has expanded upon the efforts of his father and grandfather before him to grow the business to farm 1800 areas across the south east Sheffield region.  Strategising farming is not an easy task, and Simon is very hands-on with his approach.  He regularly walks the crops, knowing that timing is critical in this industry and but attention to detail is not always enough.  Simon likens farming to ‘manufacturing in a factory with no roof’.  Sadly all the best made plans can go to waste if the weather lets you down; too wet, too dry… it’s a fine line for crop welfare and harvest.  Patience is certainly a virtue in farming, but a productive harvest marks the end of a successful year and reminds Simon why he wouldn’t want to do anything else.


The farming business was started by Simon's grandfather Sydney, who at the time had a green grocers in nearby Maltby.  Sydney decided to grow produce for the retail business, supplying the shop and delivering to the many works canteens around Rotherham and Sheffield.  Joined by his sons, David and John, the farm continued to grow with a dairy herd, pigs and poultry. The shop was sold, John left the business to concentrate on egg production and David continued to grow the farm, eventually specialising in potatoes and arable crops. Simon joined the farm in 1992 after studying agriculture at Bishop Burton College.

Producing healthy, nutritious food has always been
at the heart of our business.

Simon set up Hinchliffe Farming in 2014, and is the sole director.  Keenly supported by his two children, Rebecca has an interest in livestock and has a small flock of sheep.  Currently studying agriculture at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire, she has a lifelong desire to join the farm and reintroduce livestock on a commercial scale.  Benji who is two years her junior is still at school.  Also enthusiastic about farming, he is often found driving the quad or tractor helping out. 


The crops grown across the multiple locations include oil seed rape for vegetable oil and biofuel, barley for the brewing industry, potatoes which are sold commercially and by the bag, sugar beet for British Sugar, but mostly milling wheat for bread production.  Producing milling wheat is a specialist task as the quality of the grain must be ensured for the bread to rise.  Wet weather during harvest can be particularly damaging to the grain. 


Hinchliffe Farming are passionate about the countryside and are always striving to improve the way they farm. Looking after their soils and keeping them healthy is a prime concern. A variety of new techniques have been introduced to help protect and improve the soil.  Simon cares immensely about the world and rural affairs and is always trying to protect and enhance the environment for future generations to enjoy.


Simon is a very enthusiastic cook.  He produces a fine Beef Wellington and during lockdown 2020 started making his own sausages.  The family even milled their own wheat to make bread, and made pesto from wild garlic forged on the farm.  “Come Dine with Me” was a regular event with two teams going head to head to deliver a three course gourmet meal.  To say there was sibling rivalry was an understatement!   This passion for food has evolved an interest in developing a farm shop and deli to promote Hinchliffe Farming produce and that of other local farmers, by selling direct to the public. This would bring them full circle back to their roots in food retailing.  However as shopping habits change and people become more aware of food miles and environmental concerns, maybe the dream will come true!

potatoes in bag