Passionate About Food

Based at Hall Farm in the small rural village of Slade Hooton near Sheffield, we at Hinchliffe Farming Ltd grow and market potatoes, under the brand name of Hall Farm Produce, as well as growing a range of arable crops.
We are passionate about farming and producing healthy, nutritious food has always been at the heart of our business.

We sell our potatoes for pre-packing to a variety of outlets including supermarkets, farm shops and chip shops.

As we are as enthusiastic in the kitchen as we are in the field, we have put together a collection of our favourite potato based recipes for you to try. Keep checking back as these will be regularly updated on our recipes page.

  • planting potatoes potatoes
  • ridging up planintg potatoes planting the potato crop
  • growing ridging up ridging up the potato crop
  • harvesting growing potatoes the growing potato crop
  • potatoes the growing barley crop crop of barley
  • potatoes the growing wheat crop crop of wheat
  • potatoes combining combining wheat
  • potatoes drilling rape drilling oilseed rape

Spice Up Your Mash

This month, on our recipe pages, you'll find some great ideas to liven up an old favourite, mashed potato, as well as some other great recipes, all tried and tasted by the team in the Hall Farm kitchen